New Anthology Series - Addham Web Series

New Anthology Series – Addham Web Series

Addham is a great anticipation spine chiller in telugu. You can watch Addham web series on aha whenever conceivable. Addham is a compilation series which will move you. The cast in the series too acted so well which put life into the story. This solid story admits its emotions and how to lead life, what’s up and what’s correct. The lucidity of life is truly significant and the results of that will lead you to the sader purpose of time. Communicating your clamorous circumstance gives you a breather and watch this film to know how it must be finished. This is a splendid Telugu web series online.

Cast and Crew:

Artist: Rohini, M.Praveen, Gowtham Sundararajan, Prasanna, Abhiramivenkatachalam, VaralaxmiSarathkumar, Arjun Chidambaram, Smriti, Jayaprakash, Dr.PavithraMarimuthu

Director: BharathNeelakantan, Sarjun km, Siva Ananth

Producer: Devasena ES, Sujatha Narayanan

Music Director: K Sundaramurthy

Editor: Sreekar Prasad

Art Director: K Kathir

DOP: Shelley

More Information:

Genre: Drama

Release Date: Oct 16 2020

No. of Seasons: 1

No. of Episodes: 3

Available on: Aha



Addham’s genuine significance is reflected. This arrangement shows you the ethics throughout everyday life. In every one of the scenes another sort of new will trigger your brain and you will consider it regardless. Ethics play a major role in characterizing one’s personality and their thinking process in instinct and they do.  The entire film spins around what’s acceptable, awful and evil. Individuals infrequently will in general uncover their malicious part however now and then being acceptable is likewise an issue. So this arrangement has three stories. All the three stories are in various ways. One is about a lorry driver and his better half. The lorry driver is persevering and thinks about the family however thinks about the spouse. Watch the arrangement to understand what design she has after his demise. The second is about a rich man, his significant other and a call girl. This person gets all worn out on his significant other and needs to enlist a call young lady to fulfill his necessities. Toward the end you wouldn’t expect what occurs. The last story is about the psycharits, who manage a patient who enlightens her regarding the quick in and out he did. The entire run of these accounts and how they legitimize their evilness and goodness.

Technical Aspects:

  • These sorts of stories seldom emerge from mind. The clearness in the scenes are truly amazing. Appreciate viewing the new sort of arrangement which questions your ethics.
  • Execution of this splendid story progressed admirably. It tends to be legitimized well.
  • You feel the force of the series in this solid music and BGM.
  • Editing! Editing merits a major appreciation. The shading progress is comantable.


Artist Performance:

All the actors in these series have worked admirably, they put life in the story with their magnificent abilities.

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