The Many Possible Dangers of Millimeter Wave

As soon as we get our hands on new technology and we realize how easily accessible it is to everyone else, we yearn for something special that could only be yours. All of us love luxury irrespective of whether we can afford it or not and all of us love special treatment. As soon as a salesperson tells us that they have a special piece left for us, that excites us like nothing else, and they prey on those emotions. That is how they get you to buy their products and spend on their store. Since the time the internet was invented, we have wanted something more and something better. We are still not grateful for what we have, and we keep asking for a faster and clearer network. That is why now we have 5G which has millimeter waves. Let us try to get to know a little more about the millimeter wave health effects.

Health Effects:

5G is a network that is very well-known amongst everyone but not everyone is using it still because not all phones support this network. But everyone knows about it, and everyone wants it for themselves, without even thinking about the health effects it may have. 5G is known to have adverse health effects, and it has a certain effect on your brain that you should try your best and avoid. That still doesn’t stop us, and these articles are the ones that we usually don’t care about and think of them as rumors. Think hard before you take your next step because you don’t know what you might be taking on.